Roller Shutter Doors

Insulated Door Profiles

This purposely designed insulated roller shutter door system is for use in factories, garages and warehouse facilities providing both security and reducing energy costs.

    • The twin skinned lath design incorporates a CFC free infill which significantly reduces heat loss and keeps sound loss to a minimum.
    • Supplied in galvanised mild steel as standard (DX51 Z2 275g to BS EN 10346:2009) but is also available in stainless steel and plastisol finishes.
    • This product is supplied cut to the customer’s specific length requirements and pierced ready for end locks, stock lengths are also available if required.
    • Our insulated door range is tested for resistance to wind load, in accordance with BS EN 13241-1:2003 and offers an acoustic value of Rw of 29dB, in accordance with BS ENISO 717-1:1997.
    • Insulated lath can be punched for vision panels (window inserts).  The inserts are designed for visibility and to allow natural light through the door.  The punched insert holes measure approx. 45mm x200mm.  The number of panels can be adjusted to suit your requirements and will depend on the width of the door.


    • We stock a variety of accessories to complement our insulated door section, they include:
    • Insulated guide section which is a channel section specially designed for our insulated lath system.  It is made from mild galvanised steel and is available in 8m stock lengths. Brush strips clip to the insulated guide to help reduce heat and sound loss. These are available in 3200mm lengths.
    • Barrel Lath is used as a method of connecting the lath curtain to the barrel of the roller shutter door. It is made from mild galvanised steel and is available in 8m stock lengths.
    • A CFC free polystyrene infill in supplied in 1m lengths (250m per pack). Used with the insulated lath profile and polypropylene plastic end lock to complete the insulated lath profile.
    • Galvanised mild steel bottom rail and carrier is supplied in 8m standard stock lengths.
    • Rubber safety seal is added to the bottom rail for use as a draft excluder and as a cushion for when the door reaches the floor. This is sold in 8m lengths with the bottom rail or is also available in 25m bundles.
    • Clear Perspex vision panels are available if the lath is requested to be punched for window inserts.

    Product Details
    Insulated Lath Profile
    code gauge(mm) description
    TD22 0.7 Insulated Lath
    Rails & Guides
    code gauge(mm) description
    TDBL 1.2 Barrel Lath
    TDBR 0.7 Bottom Rail
    TDWG Galv. 3.0 Wind Guide
    code description
    TDVP Clear Perspex Vision Panel
    TDEL3 Plastic Insulated Endlock†
    TDIN CFC Free Insulation Infill
    TDWS Rubber Weather Seal
    TDBS Twin Pile Brush Strip

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