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Xcel System

Our Xcel slip on Flange System with an integral pocket of permanently flexible non toxic sealant, provides the rapid assembly of crossed ducting joints. The Xcel Flange System is available in standard Euro sizes of 20mm, 30mm and 40mm and fully conforms to UK, HVCA Specification DW144. The duct flange product is tested and certified by BSRIA in accordance with the HVCA test procedures DW/TM1. This product is also tested in accordance with USA requirements of SMACNA. The Xcel slip on duct jointed Flange is suitable for HVCA ductwork specification joint ratings up to J4 and pressure classes A, B and C.

We can supply a full range of slip on duct flange accessories to suit all sizes of flange including corner pieces, ductwork clamps and ‘Ductseal’ gaskets, online shop - Xcel Flange System.

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