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Wire Suspension

NEW  View the latest DobyGrip designed by Doby Verrolec, the DobyGrip 2 Max. Designed to work at inclusive angles in excess of 60 degrees and will work up to an astonishing 120 degrees! For more information please click link.

The DobyGrip Wire Rope Suspension System website will show you the complete solution for suspending fixed loads across many markets including Mechanical, Electrical Services, Ductwork and Lighting. Using the DobyGrip locker system will dramatically reduce your installation time compared to conventional methods of suspending a fixed load. Available in 3 sizes (1, 2 & 3mm) with safe working loads up to 100kg. All DobyGrips hanging lockers are independently tested, witnessed by Lloyds Register having a 5:1 built in safety factor. Our strict quality inspection procedures give 100% reliability.

As you can see from the brochure link here the DobyGrip Wire Rope Suspension System can be supplied with fixed lengths of wire rope with a variety of end fittings such as a loop, eyebolt or carabina. We are also able to supply wire rope on a 150m reel to give you the flexibility to suit all your requirements with minimal wastage.

Please contact our sales office for full details of all of the accessories available by sending an email to or via our contact form.