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Duct Stiffener

The ‘S’ Type Ductwork Stiffener is fitted to the outside of ductwork between the cross joints to strengthen and stiffen the ductwork whilst also reducing vibration.  Unlike rolled steel angle, the stiffener provides a simple and economical method of stiffening ductwork, without the need for secondary protection. Pre-drilled pilot holes ensure an easier and quicker fitting time by drilling stiffener and ductwork for fasteners in a single operation. Our ‘S’ Type Ductwork Stiffening is also more convenient as it can be fitted after the ductwork jointing system has been fitted. The ‘S’ Type Ductwork Stiffener is manufactured to comply with fig. 19 of the HVCA Specification DW/144. The ‘S’ Type Stiffener profiles are available in 4 sizes to suit all requirements. Specifically designed EZP corners completes this product range.

Our industry leading range now includes a 30mm S2 rated, and 40mm S3 rated stiffener, along with our 40mm S5 (low pressure) and 50mm S5 (medium pressure) rated stiffener. Our new 40mm S5 stiffener design combines performance with an optimised height, and savings can be made with the corner pieces over the previous DVS4 Stiffener System.

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