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Doby Goes Green

With a deepening world energy crisis, both businesses and individuals are seeking new ways to conserve energy at work and at home. Doby Verrolec are striving to create new innovative energy conservation products, which are both helpful to the environment and a significant cost saving too. The Aircon Energy Saver is one such example.

As the market leader in Ductwork Flange Systems, Doby Verrolec offers efficient, low leakage flange systems.  Non-toxic sealant is injected into the flange during manufacture to ensure airtightness and therefore reduced energy loss.

The UK has one of the largest offshore wind resource in the world, with relatively shallow waters and a strong wind resource extending far into the North Sea.  Doby Verrolec’s stainless steel Circular Flange Rings have been used on wind farms due to their airtight seal and their fast installation time.

Our Insulated Door System is purposely designed to provide security and reduce energy costs.  The insulated lath design incorporates a CFC Free infill to significantly reduce heat loss and keep sound loss to a minimum.