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Aircon Energy Saver

The Aircon Energy Saver is specially designed for use in conjunction with retrofit air conditioning systems to save energy, reduce waste and save money.  By using the Aircon Energy Saver you will improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and could save up to 30% in running costs.  The Aircon Energy Saver is manufactured in the UK, has been independently tested and is a recommended energy saving product for air conditioning systems.  The Aircon Energy Saver is the proud winner of the 2006 Energy Efficient Product and Service award.

The design of standard air conditioning systems is to operate continuously until the thermostat is satisfied. The running of the compressor produces a greater cooling capacity than the air can absorb, leading to energy wastage.  The Aircon Energy Saver controls the compressor achieving optimum balance between efficiency and minimum energy consumption without affecting the temperature setting of the thermostat, which acts independently of the AES. The Aircon Energy Saver will not only save you money on energy bills but requires no maintenance paying you back in less than a year. Why not go to our online shop to buy your Aircon Energy Saver today!