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Ductwork Doors

EasyFit ductwork access doors are designed to provide inexpensive and trouble free access to fire and volume control dampers and associated ventilation equipment. All duct access doors are suitable for low, medium or high-pressure applications (to 2000 pa positive) meeting the requirements of HVCA DW144 specification for air leakage. All Doby Verrolec duct access doors have been tested and witnessed by BSRIA - the approved testing house for the HVCA (curved doors) and Northumbria University (ductwork tabbed access doors).

Our curved duct access doors are available in six sizes to suit diameters from 100mm to 2000mm. No rivets or screws are required and securely fixed locating bolts ensure a positive fit. Each curved duct access door is supplied with a self-adhesive cutting template eliminating the need for any measuring or marking out. The tabbed duct access doors are available in a variety of sizes to suit all requirements.  All ductwork access doors are of double-skin construction using Z275 galvanised steel enclosing 25mm fibreglass insulation.  Radius tabs on the ductwork access door frame reduce the likelihood of hand injury. For more information: Contact Us.

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